Although he in no way dominates the strip, in many respects I regard Scout as the main character. He was the one who came along first. He is the one who, long term, I see myself having the most fun with.

He likes to think of himself as a really cool character, but really he's a kitten who hasn't fully grown up and has a tendency for his imagination to run away with itself. Sometimes his tales will catch up with him, much to his embarrassment. Many of the other cats see him as a leader of sorts and this only inflates his ego.

Scout likes to think he has the run of Juniper Crescent and is a little put out when events happen that threaten this status quo.

Only Scout truly knows how he lost his eye, but he has a habit of telling a different story to anyone who asks. Usually a tale involving something heroic on his part.


Gregory is an incredible snob who speaks with a very posh accent. He shuns regular "doggy" behaviour, declaring it beneath him and even forgets that he's a dog occasionally. He sees the children in the close as a complete nuisance and enjoys the time they are at school.

He feels he has been cursed because the puppy, Roly, regularly tries his patience to the extreme.

Scout is the only one Gregory has any time for, but if pressed he couldn't explain why.


It is Diamond's ambition in life to be as cool as Scout. Or, rather, as cool as he perceives Scout to be based upon the way Scout tells it. He's a bit young and impressionable and quite na´ve at times.

His idea of being cool includes constantly wearing a leather jacket with the collar turned up and with his hands permanently thrust into the pockets.


Soft is a new kitten that Scout's owners have bought (Kitten Soft). His only purpose appears to be to annoy Scout with his cuteness. And, of course, that cuteness will get him out of a heap of trouble at times.

Roly is everything that Gregory is not. He's young and a bit daft. He has boundless energy. He constantly wants to do "doggy" things - chase cats, dig in the garden and fetch the stick.

It's a complete mystery to him why Gregory wouldn't want to do these things with him.


Cocunut's main feature is his shyness and though he has overcome it in the presence of Scout and Diamond, others - particularly female cats - can have a serious affect on him.

He also has a kind nature, to the point where he has been known to keep mice as pets because he couldn't bear to hurt them.


Mimi is a love interest for Scout. The problem being that she is the girlfriend of local gangster, Big Mog (more like gangster's moll).

She appears to have the intelligence of a brain-dead bimbo, but there are times when something else shows through.

Though she is loyal to Big Mog, she hangs on Scout's every word which often gives Scout the opportunity for one of his very tall tales.


The local gangster, Big Mog hates Scout but won't harm him in case it upsets Mimi, the only one who can bring out anything resembling a soft side.

If there is anything shady going on in the animal world, then you can probably guarantee that Big Mog has something to do with it.

Mog uses big dogs as bodyguards and henchmen.



There are plans to introduce other animals as the strip progresses, particularly three mice and a couple of older cats, one of whom may provide a startling secret for Scoutů