Ric hates going to school. Not that he has a problem with lessons any greater than most kids, just that he hates having to get up in a morning and go.

A stranger to combs and brushes, he lives with his father (a single parent family) who does very little other than sit around and watch the TV every day.

Ric is happiest when he's exploring the fields and woods that Juniper Crescent backs onto.


Andy is the brains amongst the kids. He's well advanced in his schoolwork to such a degree that he often sets himself projects that have nothing to do with the curriculum.

His friends all respect his intellect and he is not one to act superior in any way. His father has a habit of utilising his knowledge at times.

Andy always cultivates a well-groomed appearance and is rarely seen without a tie.


J.J. is a pretty laid-back youngster. He is very optimistic and usually has a friendly smile on his face. It's hard for the others in Juniper Crescent not to be affected by his infectious moods.

You can usually count on him to put a positive spin on most things.

J.J. is a great sportsman and his ambition is to one day play for the local football team. His dad thinks he should set his sights higher as the local team are pretty weak.


Matt ("the Hat") is never without his baseball cap - it's a permanent fixture. As a result, the others are never very sure whether he's paying attention.

Matt has a constant battle with homework deadlines, mainly due to preferring to do other things than doing his homework. His excuses are becoming increasingly far-fetched.

Surprisingly, he never walks into things.


Toby is younger than the other boys by a couple of years. He's mischievous and often lives in a world of his own, missing what others say or getting the complete wrong end of the stick.

He fancies himself as a comedian and is often to be found telling jokes to his mother who rarely finds them funny.

Toby has a tendency to gravitate towards Tessa who lives in the Crescent and is the same age as him.

Toby has been blessed with a baby sister, but tells everyone he'd wanted a dog.

Tessa is Andy's sister but can often be found with Toby or in the company of the other girls. She has a wisdom that belies her age and it's difficult to pull the wool over her eyes, much to the chagrin of Toby.

She takes great pleasure in beating her brother at all computer games they play together.

Tessa takes a serious interest in the environment and will tell anyone off who does anything to spoil it. She has been known to write letters to heads of state over such matters.


Sorcha is Toby's baby sister (he wanted a dog). Her cuteness frustrates him and he thinks it's unfair that she gets all of the attention.

Sorcha smiles as if she knows exactly what's going on.

She loves ice-cream, though why she needs to spread it over her face to show her appreciation is beyond the understanding of her parents.

Identical twins, Spit and Spot, regularly finish each other's sentences or even say the same thing at the same time. Everyone down Juniper Crescent appears to regard this as perfectly normal behaviour.

Exasperated by their parents' oddities they tend to spend most of their time in each other's company.

No one ever uses their real names, Spit and Spot being coined by their scatterbrained mother one afternoon when watching Mary Poppins.

Sally ("Snack") is rarely seen without a bag of sweets or a bar of chocolate. She'd like to share, but that would mean less for her.

Sally is a girl of few words, mainly because her mouth is usually otherwise occupied.

Whenever there's something to celebrate in Juniper Crescent, Sally always suggests that a party should be given in order to do things properly.



Dane and Joe are in their mid-teens and desperately don't want to grow up. Not that they would admit to this in any way, but they have an easy life and the thought of all that adult responsibility scares them half to death.

Thinking themselves to be cool, they often find themselves at odds with the ways of the world and often completely bewildered by it.

The great love of their lives - computer games - is a constant source of frustration to them, as all the younger kids on Juniper Crescent can beat them at their favourite games. Even Scout has been known to beat them at times - something that they take in their stride, not really questioning whether cats should be playing the games at all.

Teenage girls are the biggest mystery of all to these two guys…

Joe is Ric's brother. Dane is Matt's brother.