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KittenSoft - the Cast

Here are the stars of the KittenSoft strip.



Ash - He's the head of the Design Department at KittenSoft. He's been around the block a few times but still feels baffled by the ever-changing world of game development. His main concern is that his best ideas get overlooked because of budget constraints. That and reining in Dice's wilder ideas.

He writes poetry in his spare time.




Dice - He's young and enthusiastic and has a tendency to think too big. He also suffers from the belief that game design is about the designer versus the player.  Dice is easily bored and either lashes out in frustration or falls asleep.  He's been known to have his best ideas after waking from a cat-nap. He takes a lot of liberties when talking to others, but always manages to get away with it.





Chime - She feels a little intimidated at times in such a male-orientated environment and can often be seen in the art department talking to the only other female in the company. She has a flair for puzzle design that even Ash envies at times. Chime also has quite an artistic bent and would probably be in the art department if she wasn't a designer. She gets very nervous whenever Box is near.





Box - He's the boss; the MD of Kittensoft. He's very domineering and is constantly badgering the Design team for innovative gameplay. He has a tendency to hover over people while they are working which on many occasions has been known to make them fall apart.






Sabre - The Producer that Dogleg Productions - the publisher - have assigned to the KittenSoft projects. He's quite ferocious and, according to Ash, has been known to bite on occasion. He visits a little too regularly for everyone's liking. Nothing gets by him.






Zed - Assistant Producer with Dogleg, he's just been assigned to Sabre after his last asistant quit with stress. Zed is still learning the ropes and is easy meat for being made fun of. He is perfect tester material and will work at a game until he's wrung every last bug from it.




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