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Life in the Crescent - Older pictures 1 

A collection of pictures taken at various times


The following were taken in spring 2004

A visitor to the garden - a neighbour's cat.

A hot-air balloon in the distance

The dafs are poking through

Frogspawn with frog



Christmas eve visitor to our garden:


Misty morning pictures:


***** Pictures taken 25th October 2003 - Caitlin

A young lady has to keep in trim. 

These stuffed toys aren't so talkative. 

Oh no, Grandad's got the camera out. 

Cute or what?! 


***** Pictures taken during voice recording for Broken Sword June 2003

Piles of scripts ready for the actors - heaps to get through!

A busy time at the control desk (Mark and Gil)

A serious script consultation - or are we discussing the biscuit situation?
(Neil, Dirk and me.)

The ever-smiling, ever-professional Rolf Saxon (the voice of George).

Some of the cast in the thick of the action (John, Jay, Rachel and Sarah).

More actors looking very serious (Andrew, Bob and Laurence). 


***** Pictures taken 31st May 2003

Close-up of grand-daughter Caitlin 

Another shot of the beautiful Caitlin 

The proud father, Shaun, with Caitlin 

David holding Caitlin

Jason holding Caitlin 


***** Pictures taken 27th April 2003

Tree in the garden laden with blossom

Close-up of the blossom

Another close-up

The fish in my pond

Plants on the rockery

Tulips just coming into bloom 


I rather liked the way the light was hitting this tree.

My partner June - and the reason why I can't always get online... 

Our cat, Acrasia, in what is a normal pose for her. 

This was taken one winter's morning in 2002. 

This was taken the same day as the snowy picture above. Shows how things can change so quickly. 

This is one of our neighbours' cats, Tiger. 

Daffodils in the garden, spring 2002 

The view from the side window on a misty morning. 

Glorious sunset, taken from the window of the room I use as my studio. 

Again, our lazy cat, Acrasia. 

You can only just make it out, but this is the first frogspawn we had last year. 


A cool new site devoted to webcomics - worth checking out! 


Juniper Crescent appears on the Digital Webbing site

Juniper Crescent and The Sapphire Claw appear in the Nucomix anthology comic.

The fonts I use in my strips were downloaded from the Blambot site. 

There is a feature on my work and in particular Juniper Crescent in issue nine of




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