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Links page

Rather intriguing and well-drawn Manga-style comic.

Hosts Juniper Crescent every Monday 

UK Web and Mini Comix Thing, London 6th March 2004 

The banner says it all - wonderful stuff!

Small Stories is a site containing some of the most wonderful stories and artwork I've seen in an online comic. Created by the extremely talented Derek Kirk Kim.

THE best online comic strip. Companion to the print comic Rex Mundi. Be sure to check it out!

One of the most intriguing, well-written and drawn strips on the web. Ongoing storyline.

The writing and the drawing are just superb with a huge archive of past strips to keep you reading for months. 

Stories that take place in a bar that's inside a man's head. Beautiful writing and exquisite art.

Excellent online comic with beautiful characters you can believe in and feel for. 

Online comics magazine. Excellent articles and new issues published on a very regular basis.

One of the funniest daily strips on the web. If you don't already read it, then you don't know what you're missing. 

Quality strip with an ongoing storyline. New strips at the start of each month. 

Originally a series of minicomics, now collected together into one.

Anthropomorphic animals in a soap-style humorous daily strip. 

Quality online monthly magazine, downloadable in pdf format. News and critical views on the comics industry. Issue 9 had an article on my own work.

The homepage of writer Jessica Rydill, author of Children of the Shaman and The Glass Mountain - two fantasy novels with a rich human flavour. 

My local comic shop in York.

Regular online science fiction humorous strip.

Boneville is the home of the fabulous print comic, Bone. This comic receives high critical acclaim from all quarters. 

Publishes many quality strips on this site, including my own The Sapphire Claw.

Cute, regular, single panel strip. 

"The online small press supersite." It's also building a list of webcomics, so worth checking out.

Excellent site devoted to webcomics.  

 Jane's long awaited debut CD , 'CLOSE UP AND REAL' is available now. 

This is actually the site of a 15 year old called Josh who's doing the music for a Final Fantasy fan game.

A colleague of mine, Allan Bednar, has done the artwork on an excellent comic called Miranda, written by Lance Parkin. It has a Doctor Who connection, but not knowing anything about the good doctor won't prevent you from enjoying this. You can find out more by visiting the website.   

The company I work for. Producers of the excellent games, Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword series. 

An excellent site keeping the world up to date with news and views on the adventure game genre.


I like to put up links to sites I admire. Is your site one I'd like to link to?

Swap links?

Write and let me know. 


Soul-d by Mary




Juniper Crescent appears on the Digital Webbing site here 

Juniper Crescent and The Sapphire Claw appear in the Nucomix anthology comic.

The fonts I use in my strips were downloaded from the Blambot site. 

There is a feature on my work and in particular Juniper Crescent in issue nine of Borderline.



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